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Forces of Nature Dance Theatre

Ashley Mingot

Ashley was born and raised in Queens, NY to Haitian parents. She began learning the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and African from the age of 6. At 16, she would quit dance and redirect her focus on her high school study. In the years following, she would embark on a series of solo travels, earn a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Writing, pursue a career in modeling and eventually, find her way back to the dance floor at the age of 23. This time, she would intentionally take a deep dive into Guinean dance traditions traveling to cities like D.C., Atlanta, Oakland and ultimately, Conakry, Guinea to do so. She would eventually perform as a member of Mouminatou Camara’s Seewe African Dance Company in 2018 and 2019, Ismael Kouyate’s Africa Soleil in 2020 and Ballet Tayeli in Conakry in 2021.
Ashley Mingot
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