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Forces of Nature Dance Theatre

Fritzlyn Hector

Fritzlyn “Fritz” Hector is a dedicated enthusiastic performing artist, choreographer, educator, and artistic director seasoned with a professional multi-dimensional artistic career of over 25 years and counting. A Brooklyn native of African-Haitian descent, Fritz was simultaneously raised in a variety of cultural diaspora dance genres and credits her knowledge and artistic journey to the notable eminent choreographers, master dancers, and musicians from America, Haiti, western, central, and southern Africa that she was trained by. Fritz travels extensively worldwide as an artistic director and choreographer of her company Fritzation Experience. She is also a 20-year veteran performer and cast trainer of the international sensation Off-Broadway show STOMP. Fritz has taught at Lehman College, Princeton University, New York University, and was an adjunct professor at Hofstra University. Fritz is currently the Director of Dance and professor at Long Island University Post. Fritz is also a principal dancer and rehearsal assistant of Harlem's Forces of Nature Dance Theatre Company, guest faculty at Earl Mosely’s EMIA Diversity of Dance and the Creative Director of “Busy Being Black” in collaboration with the author, chef, and artist Lazarus Lynch. Fritz is also a 2021 Bessie Awards winner for her debut virtual dance film she directed and choreographed "Steel Standing".
Fritzlyn Hector
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