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Forces of Nature Dance Theatre

Omari Contaste

Born in Brooklyn, NY, to Trinidadian parents, Omari Contaste has always had an affinity for music and dance. Contaste graduated from Goucher College (May 2014) with a double major in Dance (Choreography) and Psychology. Contaste has been evolving throughout his career: from dancing to Calypso/Soca outside his dad’s record shop as a child, through years of performing steel pan, to performing Caribbean, Modern Salsa and Swing dance in high school and eventually ballets, operas, photos and films throughout and after college. Beginning Summer 2010, Contaste trained with Forces of Nature Dance Theater, making his first performance with the company at BAM for the annual Dance Africa in May 2012. After college graduation, he attended the Dance Theater of Harlem Summer Intensive (July 2014), before relocating to Virginia for an apprentice contract with Charlottesville Ballet (2014-2016). Since his 2016 homecoming, Contaste has been dedicated to bringing his talents back to NYC through his passion for performing, creating and teaching. He rejoined Forces of Nature in 2016, and later joined Kofago Dance Ensemble in 2020.
Omari Contaste
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