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Forces of Nature Dance Theatre

Teana White

Teana often tells people dance was her first language. Born and raised in NYC, Teana was the youngest member of the traveling ensemble at Ms. Francoise Brooks’ Harlem Hospital Dance Leadership Program, where she traveled both internationally and domestically to learn and perform. In addition to HHDLP, Teana trained and performed with the Marie Brooks’ Pan-Caribbean dancers, a renowned youth company that affirmed the mantra “discipline through dance”. A graduate of Amherst College, Teana earned a Bachelor’s degree in both English and Theatre/Dance before obtaining a Master’s in Education from St. John’s University. Teana has been a dynamic educator in the NYC public school system for the past ten years, inspiring tens of thousands of students to commit themselves to being life-long learners and pursuing their absolute best. She is currently an elementary school Dance teacher and founder of Tenacious Movement Matters LLC, a company that specializes in using kinesthetic activities to promote academic, social, and emotional learning. Teana is also a member of Harambee Dance Company, with directors Sandella and Frank Malloy III. She is eternally grateful for the gift of dance and considers herself blessed to work amongst such amazingly talented artists in Forces of Nature.
Teana White
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